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Taking part in West Vancouver Community Awards

The journey to build a kinder and stronger community should never end.

At Sageus Collective, we care deeply about causes beyond ourselves, and we’re dedicated to making a social impact by contributing to charitable initiatives — both local and global. We are grateful to be able to work alongside organizations such as, Enhance West Van, Sungiven Foods Canada, Dragon Boat BC, and more, to continue driving positive change in our communities.

Earlier this month, Godfrey Harald Lynum — retired forester, volunteer philanthropist, and the changemaker behind our Pay It Forward initiative — was recognized by the City of West Vancouver’s annual Community Awards — and we’re honoured to have Sageus Collective Founder & CEO, ChiChi Wang, receive the award on his behalf.

Sageus Collective Founder and CEO ChiChi Wang with Godfrey Harald Lynum.

The West Vancouver Community Awards recognize the efforts and commitments made by dedicated individual volunteers and groups, in building a stronger community and enhancing the quality of life for those living in it — through Arts & Culture, Community Commitment, Environment, and Heritage, Health, Wellness & Activity categories.

Sageus Collective with West Vancouver Community Awards
Sageus Productions team with Mayor of West Vancouver, Mary-Ann Booth. L to R: Sadra Moghaddam, Toluwase Olaku, and ChiChi Wang.

Produced by Sageus Production, Pay It Forward initiative and documentary series aim to foster wellness, and enhance social connectedness by encouraging community members to engage in random acts of kindness.

“If the whole concept of giving can be passed along and nobody expects anything in return from doing positive favourable acts, then I believe that it can spread from community to province, to country and if at all possible, to the rest of the world.”

Mayor of West Vancouver, Mary-Ann Booth, also announced that November 15 is Pay It Forward Day — and we invite you to join us on National Philanthropy Day this year to be part of the cause.

ChiChi Wang with Arts and Culture recipient, Rick Harry.

Stay tuned for our next Pay It Forward interview, featuring one of the Arts & Culture Award recipients Rick Harry.

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