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Strategy + Digital

At Sageus Strategy + Digital, we help you reach a larger cultural audience locally and globally, through multiple marketing strategies so you can increase your brand awareness and expand your customer base.    


Our journey begins by getting to know you more. The onboarding process dives deeper into your story, and understanding your goals.

Next comes research and foundation building for all projects; providing guidelines, trends, direction, and brand overview.

This is the core of the work that we do, to create long-term growth for your business and brand.



Through a questionnaire and conversation, we create a holistic understanding of your brand's social and business context.


Research trends and opportunities to imagine possible alternative directions that best reflect your brands' values and message.


Learn more about your brand by engaging with key stakeholders, and intuitively understand motivations, values, and behaviours.

Brand Strategy

Create foundational strategy to guide brand positioning, marketing and communications mix and funnel, and growth initiatives — while utilizing data and trends.

Social and Content Strategy

Develop strategic direction on key messaging, social media management, paid strategy, SEO, and other content development initiatives.

Brand Impact

Provide innovative solutions, based on objectives and audience, to create an impact through social, business, and environmental means.

Government Relations

Tailor strategies and opportunities to align client and / or business interests with government policy direction.


How can we showcase your brand to a larger audience? We explore top-of-funnel initiatives that bring awareness and impression that drives conversion growth.

Chinese Marketing

To reach this major demographic segment, we utilize key platforms to effectively engage with the Chinese community — locally, regionally, and globally.

Social Media

Utilizing platforms to generate awareness and deliver value, we ensure brand messaging is efficiently communicated, and the audience is engaged.

Content Creation

Visuals matter — especially in today's digital world. We look to ensure that content and design aligns with the overall feel of your brand and messaging.

Dive deeper into the work that we've done through our case studies.       
A brief intro
We are cultural leaders in building digital platforms and cultivating community — to foster creativity, growth, and connections