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Using 3 key social media platforms to reach the Chinese audience

How much more could your business grow by connecting with the Chinese-speaking market?

WIth more Hong Kong and mainland China residents moving to North American cities, is your brand able to reach a large and growing demographic — whether locally, nationally, or globally?

Aside from mainstream digital platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — what else can be utilized to specifically target the Chinese-speaking community? Our Sageus Strategy + Digital team is here to help your organization navigate this lucrative market.

1. WeChat

Boasting 1.26 billion monthly active users and growing, WeChat is now considered the world’s 5th most popular social media platform. It’s used by 78% of 16-64 year olds in China — generating more than $15 billion revenue per year.

With messaging, social networking, and payment solutions all rolled into one single platform — WeChat has become an absolute essential for any businesses who look to connect and engage with the Chinese-speaking community.

Dior, Prada, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, are just a few of the many luxury brands invested massively in WeChat marketing over the last five years.

Image via Jing Daily

2. Little Red Book

Different from WeChat’s generic public audience, the Little Red Book (aka Xiaohongshu) focuses on targeting the younger female communities, who are typically highly-educated and with high disposable incomes.

Studies show that the social e-commerce app is now valued at $3 billion, with 300 million monthly active usersmore than 80% of its users being women, and more than 50% between the ages of 18 to 35.

Often considered as a cross-over between Pinterest, Instagram, and Amazon, while featuring product reviews, travel tips, and lifestyle recommendations — the platform thrives on user-generated content.

It has become a prominent marketing tool for global brands particularly in fashion, beauty, and luxury industries.

3. Weibo

A microblogging website launched in 2009 that’s often been compared to Twitter — Weibo is the platform where brands get to connect with a massive Chinese audience, while generating awareness through storytelling campaigns, influencer collaborations, and online contests.

With 573 million monthly active users, it also provides diverse opportunities for brands to monitor sentiment, research consumer behaviours, and keep track of all the latest happenings among their target demographics.

A screenshot of Coachella discussions on Weibo

With more than two decades of combined experiences working alongside global brands and organizations, Sageus Strategy + Digital focuses on getting to know your business, and help you connect with your audience.

Headquartered in Canada, and committed to making a global, cross-cultural, sustainable impact — we’re your one-stop firm for cultivation and growth, in all areas of branding and marketing. We’re also passionate about creating a cultural bridge for you.

Learn more about what we do at https://sageuscollective.com/strategy-and-digital, or connect with us at sageuscollective.com/connect! Stay tuned for our next blog post, and follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook — so you won’t miss out on any updates from our Sageus Strategy + Digital Team.

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