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Top 3 Tips to get you ready for a Product Shoot Day

There are many factors that can impact a successful product photo or video shoot — whether it’s for your own brand or for a client.

At Sageus Collective, we’re storytellers at heart and we love helping brands tell their stories through curated, impactful content. As we journey with our client roster of brands in lifestyle, food, real estate, culture, and much more — here are our Top 3 Tips to get you ready for your product shoot day.

1. Create a mood board

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Whether you’re shooting for your clients or your own business, a mood board is a great way to help get the creative juice flowing, while exploring the direction of your upcoming product shoot. You don’t have to decide on one direction yet — start by doing research online and putting all the images you find inspiring together.

Experiment with tools like Canva, Milanote, Pinterest, and more — and take advantage of the many templates they offer!

2. Develop a shot list

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Once you’re figured out the direction and established a theme, a shot list is the next crucial step to help improve the efficiency on your product shoot day. After all, if this is the day you’ll be gathering content for the many months, or even seasons ahead — you really need to make sure that the day runs as smoothly as possible.

Start by listing out the shots you need, and the platforms which you will be using them on. Try using a spreadsheet or other tools to help you organize. Think about the setups, angles, props, lighting … and aim to develop at least two setups for every shot needed, so that you have some backup plans. 

The golden rule is that the more detailed your shot list is, the less hassle you will have on the actual shoot day!

3. Get the products ready

What’s often easily overlooked is the importance of getting the products ready. Based on our experience, it’s very common that you would encounter some unexpected scenario on the shoot day — which is why getting the products all ready-to-go can end up saving you a lot more time than you ever imagined.

Before the shoot takes place, double check if you need to have any of the products cleaned, unpacked, assembled, or lined up — especially if you’re shooting for a client, they will definitely appreciate the extra effort you make to help their products look more presentable!

Whether it’s commercial photoshoots, creative services, or branding strategy — it’s always a fruitful journey for us at Sageus Collective, in getting to work alongside great brands, and helping to tell good stories.

Take a look at one of our most recent projects with Sungiven Foods on their Instagram page — featuring underwater filming, and so many more fun actions!

With more than two decades of combined experiences working alongside global brands and organizations, Sageus Strategy + Digital focuses on getting to know your business, and help you connect with your audience.

Headquartered in Canada, and committed to making a global, cross-cultural, sustainable impact — we’re your one-stop firm for cultivation and growth, in all areas of branding and marketing. 

Connect with us at sageuscollective.com/connect and learn more about what we do! Stay tuned for our next blog post, and follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook — so you won’t miss out on any updates from our Sageus Strategy + Digital Team.

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