Working with the District of West Vancouver, Enhance West Van is a charitable society governed by a volunteer community Board of Directors. The organization focuses on enhancing the West Vancouver community by building a strong foundation and making it better, more accessible, inclusive, and connected. The society provides oversight and management to the Ice Arena, Aquatic Centre and West Vancouver Community Centre through a Joint Operating Agreement with the District of West Vancouver — while offering a “community voice” through community outreach and engagement to ensure that programs and services at the centres are meeting the needs of the community.

Aligning with the main focuses, the Board has identified communication as a key priority; in particular increasing brand awareness — and understanding of the society’s work — in the minds of the community. They reached out to Sageus Strategy + Digital to develop an overall brand and marketing strategy, while develop video content for digital campaign.

Journey with Enhance West Van includes:

  • Strategy: Create questionnaire for brand discovery sessions, review responses from board members, establish and refine overall brand strategy — this includes consultation on overall brand positioning, key messaging, digital marketing and social media guidelines, as well as other growth and amplification initiatives.
  • Research: Provide in-depth research on market and competitors, audiences/demographics, SWOT analysis, digital marketing and social media samples.
  • Community Initiatives: Provide consultation on strengthening community outreach through nonprofit campaigns such as “Pay It Forward”, advocating for acts of kindness throughout the community.
  • Visuals: Oversee and arrange three video shoots with West Vancouver Mayor Mary-Ann Booth, to promote public awareness on the “Pay It Forward” initiative.


  • Created a 60+ page one-year Brand Strategy document with comprehensive guidance on brand positioning, marketing matrix, target audience, key messaging, SWOT analysis, as well as social media content guidelines/examples and growth initiatives/opportunities.
  • Reviewed West Vancouver arts strategy and response documents from board members, while making adjustments on the Brand Strategy document.
  • Provided consultation through meetings, while offering a detailed breakdown of the strategy document through presentation with the Board of Directors.
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