Presenting first-class Broadway performances and other live theatrical events to Canadian audiences — Broadway Across Canada aims to build awareness in the local Chinese community for their latest shows, explore opportunities to drive ticket sales, while establishing the overall brand awareness in preparation for promoting more upcoming performances in the near future.

Our work with the company continues to grow with each performance throughout the calendar year, reaching a larger number of the Chinese audience.

Journey with Broadway Across Canada includes:

  • Chinese Media Buy Strategy: Understand the main purposes and target demographics through discovery meeting sessions, define and establish a comprehensive Chinese media buy strategy — including identifying the Chinese media outlets, platforms, as well as ad formats that align with the main purposes, establishing an overall timeline, and refining the brand messages.
  • Chinese Media Buy Content: Work closely with the brand to create media buy content — including researching on the client products/services, building different storylines that resonate with the Chinese audience for each media outlet, as well as creative copywriting and visual element development for WeChat articles.
  • Chinese Media Buy Execution: Approach and activate media outlets that align with the target demographics — relay messaging and timeline, inquire media availability, confirm booking and assist with payment processing, while exploring opportunities to further enhance exposure.
  • Chinese Influencer Marketing: Identify and activate Chinese influencers to help further promote upcoming shows on Chinese social media — develop approaches and key messaging for collaborations, and coordinate with influencers throughout the process.
  • Analytics: Closely monitor ad performances, provide summary reports with available analytics.


  • Established comprehensive Chinese media buy plans to showcase Broadway Across Canada and featured musicals, while driving ticket sales — incorporating WeChat sponsored articles, banner ads, mobile app open ad, WeChat sponsored video, and more.
  • Identified and approached 5+ prominent Chinese media outlets to coordinate the media buy process — while aligning with the project timeline
  • Developed multiple storylines that can resonate with the Chinese audience, for different media outlets.
  • Developed media buy content and layout design that can best showcase the key messages, averaging 1,000+ words for each piece — while incorporating Chinese social media trends that interest the audience.
  • As of November 2022, reached a total of 28,000+ WeChat article views, 700,000+ combined impressions, and 1,200+ direct clicks within the WeChat app to the ticket page, with several group ticket inquiries.
  • Provided Chinese media and social media monitoring, while highlighting notable results.
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