Since 1995, Wanson Group has contributed significant investments to the community with their development projects and growing portfolio.

From defining their company message, to creating a new website, to managing their online presence, we have fostered a long relationship with the real estate development group to generate added awareness and digital presence.

Journey with Wanson Group includes:

  • Led the revamp of the new website, including content, photography direction, key messaging, tagline, and designs.
  • Created a long-term social media plan from scratch, with content related to key marketing dates, current trends and initiatives from the industry and community.
  • Oversee social media strategy and execution, including planning, creating content calendars for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, drafting captions based on project info, creating design templates, sourcing images online, researching local initiatives to highlight, proposing amplifying strategies through paid ads and giveaways, reviewing analytics and preparing reports.
  • Create and manage the media page (blog) with updates, announcements, and industry news — this includes showcasing the client’s project progress, community engagement, achievements, press coverage, and overall brand content.
  • Arranged photoshoot campaign for workplace lifestyle shots, and internal corporate headshots.
  • Help to connect with community initiatives that align with the company’s core values.
  • Consult and assist on communication and messaging initiatives for company and projects, as needed.


  • Wanson Group social media content created for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, reflecting on company values while enhancing overall brand awareness through highlighting achievements, projects, and initiatives — with average monthly reach maintained at 10,000+.
  • Developed an overall consistency with brand visual design and external communication process through social media and website.
  • New website developed — showcasing 20+ years of history, projects, investments, team, and all associated initiatives, and created 30+ blog posts.
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